Your Calling is Calling

Your Calling is Calling

Let’s blow this thing out for The Kingdom!

  1. If you’re someone looking for purpose in life – 
  2. If you are wondering about your calling – 
  3. If you are wondering what kind of God-given gifts you have hiding inside you – 

you’re in the right place!

I’m a Christian Digital Creator who specializes in helping people discover their God-given gifts and calling and then equipping them to go out and impact the world.

The Big Guy in the sky has sent me to help guide you to a blissful life of crushing it for His Glory.

Let me take you on a little journey, and see if you will relate to my story on some level. Hopefully, you’ll be able to use it for fuel in your own journey.

My life has been a huge battle between the good Sam and the bad Sam. The good Sam is really good at being good and doing good and spreading God’s love. The bad Sam, well, he was really good at being bad.

I’ll tell my whole story another day, but for now let’s just say there was a whole lot of sex, drugs, and rock-n-rollIn it, I also inflicted a lot of pain on people and on myself. But like I said, that story is for another day.

One last tidbit, in the end, the good Sam wins out.

As for now, let’s get to the juicy stuff that will help you become a bad-ass for The Kingdom!

How can a life of pain and suffering and self-indulgence be turned around to bring glory to God? Well, let’s see, living for God I have been able to share God’s love with many, many people all across the US and into Canada. And now, entering a new stage of ministering around the world via the internet.

I’ve been blessed with the opportunity of going into the inner city ghettos, and into the highways and the ways, preaching the good news.

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We’re talking some bad place and some bad cat’s that got to hear the good news for very the first time.

I am here to serve you! I’m here to help point you in the right direction and make it easier for you to serve. I am here to help nature your calling into a world dominate force for good. I’m here to be the support system you might not otherwise have. That’s what I was looking for but couldn’t find, and that’s what I’m called to create for others. #christian #calling #serving #goallin #helpothers #getstarted

God is so good!

Truth is, I have a long list of things I could rattle off as accomplishments as a servant of the gospel, but I’m not going to. Here’s why, now that I’ve committed myself full-time to being a servant of the Kingdom of God, I realize the only qualification that really matters is His (God’s) call on my life.

God qualifies those whom He calls, so no worries for any of us!

That is so liberating because it means we are not called because we are pre-qualified, rather, it says we are predestined for our calling without prior qualifications. In fact, God usually calls the unqualified for his biggest tasks.

It’s so cool that he does this because it means when it’s all said and done, He’s the one that gets the glory, not us. That also frees Him up to move more freely through His servants (you and me) so that He can work in other people’s lives.

Please get this, because it sets people free.

That’s where the power is, it’s when God moves through you into other people’s lives. That’s how others’ lives are changed through you!

Like I was saying earlier, my life was a battle between the good Sam and the bad Sam. However, several years ago I finally decided enough is enough and I broke the cycle.

It’s so cool to me that I was finally able to commit the rest of my life to serving God and others full-time. THAT MEANS YOU, I want to serve you, that’s why I’m here.

Note to self, good call Sam!

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Right after making that commitment, one of the first things that crossed my mind was if I should go out and be ordained as a minister. But right away I felt God telling me hellz to the no, there was no need for that.

I’m happy to tell you that being ordained as a minister is not a requirement to be full-time in ministry in His Kingdom. In fact, I felt Him saying to me that I would be better off to not become ordained as a minister because that’s the man’s way of ministry, not God’s ways.

No offense to ordained ministers, do your thing, we all have to follow our own heart and I commend you on making that commitment. 

We are all priests in our own right according to the Bible.

So, yup, I realized right away that it wasn’t for me, but if you feel that you need to be ordained, for whatever reason, that’s what you should do. 

Personally, I know in my heart that since God called me that He has also ordained meHe has also revealed the gifts that He has placed in me.

The next step, for me, was looking online for resources to help me get the ball rolling. I mean, the internet has resources for everything, right?

I started on a quest looking for online tools, resources, or anything I could find that would help me down the path to answering my calling. At this point I wasn’t looking for spiritual guidance, I felt I had that covered in my relationship with the creator. I was looking for more practical help.

Just curious, how many of you can relate to that?

Now, side note, you don’t have to be called to full-time ministry to relate or seek my help, that’s not why I’m here. I’m here for anyone who wants to dig a little deeper and see if the Holy Spirit will direct them to their calling in life. 

If you’re looking to serve God, you don’t have to be full-time to do that. You can certainly serve part-time. But, knowing that I wanted to be full-time myself, I started looking for tools and resources to show me where to start.

I had questions.

What’s the first thing I do, and what’s the next thing I do after that? How can I discover my God-given gifts, my calling?

What am I supposed to specifically do for the Kingdom of God?

Unfortunately, I was coming up empty-handed. I wasn’t finding any tools or resources, especially ones that were spoken in a language that I related to, or that met me where I was at.

Almost everything I did find was theology courses, because everyone wants to teach you their theology, rather than teach you to decipher the Word of God for yourself. That’s not what I was looking for, I had already read the Bible for myself many times over, and I read it daily.

Besides, I believe we do well in life to study the Word out for ourselves. Then, and only then, others can enhance, confirm, or offer a different perspective of what we already know in our heart.

For that reason, nothing I found was even relevant to me.  

Outside of that, everything I found was by people wanting to train people on how to serve in “their ministry.” That’s not what I was looking for either. Maybe you can relate to the fact that I wanted to know what’s God’s call for my life specifically.

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I am all for serving in other ministries, I did it for nearly two decades, and I still do serve that way on a regular basis, it rocks. Moreover, you can become a full-on world changer by serving in one of the many amazing, already existing ministries from across the planet. If that’s you, I am here for you also, I want to help you be the best you can be, wherever you serve.

Churches, nonprofit, for profits, they all need people to help take what they do to the next level. These awesome opportunities to serve also offer some of the best hands-on experience you will ever get in life.

As for me, at this point, I had already sat in and worked with many other ministries. I can tell you from experience that nothing can be above you or below you when it comes to serving.

From scrubbing toilets to sitting on advisory boards, it all matters, it all makes a difference, and yes I had done all of those things.

When serving, you can’t think that any of it’s below you (it’s not) or that you are above anyone else (you’re not). And it goes both ways, you can’t think that any of it is above you either, because it’s not. 

We are all at the same level, we’re all servants! God gets all the glory, and if He doesn’t, He’s probably not in it. Pastors, preachers, teachers, or evangelists are no more important than the person who makes sure the restrooms are clean at an event, church, or a business office.

The main thing is whether you are doing the best job you can possibly do at the task at hand so that God can be glorified in whatever it is. For me, I was ready for a changing of the guard in how I served. I was ready for the next level, and I felt God wanted to do something new, fresh, and something that was currently missing in the modern Christian culture.

As I continued to search for something, anything that would help me in my quest to serve God full on, I continually came up empty-handed. There just didn’t seem to be anything out there that was relevant to me as a modern-day Christian wanting to discover my calling.

All I could find was stale, outdated stuff geared to someone much more old school than me.

I know I’m a little rough around the edges, but that’s the way God created me, and He uses it to our mutual advantage. I also know there are many people out there just like me, they’re a little rough around the edges, they’re a bit rock-n-roll, they’re a little bit this and that.

But they love God, they want to do good in life, and they want to serve others.

Maybe that’s you, maybe you’re my peep, maybe I’m your peep and we don’t even know it yet.

Anyway, that’s where I was, and I felt God telling me “You need to create what you are looking for!”

That’s what I’m doing, that’s why I’m here!

I am here to serve you!

I’m here to help point you in the right direction and make it easier for you to serve.

I am here to help nature your calling into a world dominate force for good.

I’m here to be the support system you might not otherwise have.

That’s what I was looking for but couldn’t find, and that’s what I’m called to create for others.

I have huge dreams and a powerful vision for my life, and it all points to helping others, people just like you to discover and ROCK your life’s calling. In fact, that’s the name of my first full-on Christian book coming out late 2018.

It’s called, How to Discover and Rock Your Life’s Calling.

It’s been such a long crazy journey of learning for me, but it has all served a purpose, and it has got me to where I am today.

My call is to teach others how to discover their calling in life and then to rock that calling. I do that by offering encouragement, support, and teaching the practical side of ministry, in whatever form it takes.

You know, the how to build a website, or how to write and publish a book kind of stuff.

In fact, I am creating an entire library of free resources and tools that can be found on the VIP Resources page of

It’s a work in progress, but as time goes on, I promise more and more awesome content to be placed there until we eventually have a huge flowing library of secret sauce goodies.

Did I mention that it was 100% FREE?

So, are you VIP material?

Check it out right here and see

Thanks for letting me set the stage for why I’m here, you soooo ROCK!

I am honored to serve you through this post, this blog, this website, the VIP Resources, and my passion project, The All-In Community find out more on the home page of sambaratta.comSo, come on, let’s do this, let’s take this journey together.

Let’s build The Kingdom together and all be Rock-Stars for His Majesty, the One True King, Christ Jesus!

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