The Vision

Habakkuk 2:2 –

And the LORD answered me: “Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it.” 

Our vision and long-term goals are to connect with amazing people and organizations from all around the world so that we can all have a major impact on the world and the modern Christian culture for the Kingdom’s sake.

The actual goal is to make it easier for people to discover and fulfill their calling in life.

To be a little more blunt, we will build world changer who step outside the box and radically impact the world for the greater good.

We are going to do this by forging strategic relationships, publishing powerful tools and resources, and creating an impactful community.

The All-In Community

At the core of it all is my passion project, which God placed on my heart to create. It’s the ultimate resource for people who want to go All-In serving God, entitled  The All-In Community.  

Think of it as a safe place for people to come and discover and/or develop their calling and purpose in life.

This safe place is a powerful hub of encouragement, hope, support, prayer, guidance, direction, encouragement, community, know-how, tools, and resources which will surely skyrocket people’s ability to soar and do great things in life.

As we progress, we will refine and combine these elements to create All-In Academy, the only Christian academy of its kind, ever created.

We are going to train people how to step out, be innovative, creative, and change the way people look at serving God, humanity, and the world at large.

In a unique twist, we are going to help people discover their calling, expand their reach, and live their destiny, all while making a full-time income doing what they love!

My call specifically is to fill the gap and create everything I was personally looking for, but could not find when I first decided to dedicate the rest of my life to serving God and others.

Our focus lies on the creative, practical, and how-to side of ministry, business, and calling rather than the theological side of things.

Our vision looks something like this:

1.) Create and launch my personal website and blog where we can offer services such as coaching, and resources that help people in discovering and answering their life’s calling. This is also a place to help establish myself as an expert in the field. (Launch Date – August 04 2018).

2.) Create and launch All-In Publishing, a Christian publishing company that specializes in books and authors who help Christians step out and do amazing things for the Kingdom. – (Launch date – Saturday, June 15. 2019)

3.) Create and launch All-In Productions, a video course production company that creates how-to courses that aid people in answering the call of God. (Launch date – Sunday July 21, 2019)

4.) Create and launch All-In Magazine, a Christian magazine that spotlights amazing success stories of Christians, as well as articles of hope, faith, and how-to tips that specifically pertain to serving God and others. (Launch date – Monday, August, 12, 2019)

5.) Create and launch All-In Academy – The libraries from the previous 3 elements will come together as full-blown, certified, online courses. Once again, all geared towards aiding people on their journey toward discovering and rocking their life’s calling. (Launch date – Thursday, October 17, 2019)

Create and hold annual, in person, 2-day mastermind retreats for grads of the academy. Grads will have a chance to attend a retreat that features practical workshops that help to develop their projects and take them to the next level. (launch date – Saturday, January 11, 2020)

These layers of The All-In Community will also offer wonderful opportunities for people to become published authors, digital course creators, and contributors for the magazine.

The tools that we are currently creating through will be the foundation used to train instructors for the All-In Academy. Kind of the how to create a course, courses.

Our specific goal in all of this is to impact (directly or indirectly) one million lives within 3 years and have a major global impact within 10 years.

We believe that major global impact, are you ready for this, will have the potential to impact every single person on the planet by empowering some to impact all!

We also believe that the groundbreaking nature of All-In Academy will cause it to become the preeminent 0n-demand training platform for christians, in the world.

Our vision feels something like this:

   I. The vision and everything it encompasses is to serve God radically.

   II. The vision is to love people unconditionally.

   III. The vision is to bring glory to God through all we do.

   IV. The vision is to be a beacon of light into the world and lift Christ up.

  V. The vision is to empower and train and teach and encourage and support Christians from all over to become the world changer that God has called them to be.

Like everyone else, I just want to make sense of life, and to me, what makes the most sense is build the Kingdom of God by helping others build the Kingdom of God! – Sam baratta

Our vision is big – God is bigger 

For anyone who reads this vision and thinks it a little over the top, let me tell you, it is.

I cannot imagine attempting to do this alone, that’s how I know it’s of God and not myself. I don’t even know how God is going to do all this, or have us do all this for Him, it’s all a giant leap of faith at this point.

And yes, I have procrastinated on making this vision public, or stepping out very far until now, because it is so massive and colossal. Truth is, I’ve not even known how to put it into words. But as you can see, here it is, and we are going to crush it!

For this reason, I have full-on partnered up with the Big Guy in the sky to tackle this massive challenge, cause for Him, it’s all in a day’s work.

I know these are super lofty goals, but I serve a Big God, I mean, like a really Big God!

Want more?

You can learn more about the awesome things we do that may help you in your journey to serve God and others right now, just check out our about page by clicking here.

Rock-On, and let’s build the Kingdom together – Sam

"Our mission is to radically serve and train Christians who want to discover and rock their life's calling, and help them to become world changers!"​

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