The All-In Community

The Ultimate Resource

This is it, this is my hearts project and where my calling is taking me. It’s the ultimate resource for people who want to go All-In serving God! 

After dedicating my life to serving God, humanity, and the world at large for the rest of my life, I began searching for support, direction, and resources to help me in the quest, and I came up empty handed. 

Nada, nothing, the cupboard was bare! I couldn’t find any solid training, tools, resources, or support  for someone like me who wanted to serve God in a major way, but that needed to know where to start and where to go from there. 

I saw such a huge gap in the modern Christian culture in this area and when I asked God about it, He told me to fill the gap by building whatever it was I was looking for.  

As I started, I discovered that my calling in life is to help others discover and ROCK God’s calling on their lives, and that’s what The All-In Community is all about.

I soon realized that this is not about me, God had a plan to help people to be great at whatever it was He was calling them to. 

We’ll do this by building and creating a safe place for people to come and discover and/or develop their calling and purpose in life, in a powerful way. 

Along with the help of The Most High and others, we are creating a hub of encouragement, hope, support, prayer, guidance, direction, encouragement, know-how, tools, and resources that will skyrocket your ability to soar! 

So please stay tuned, because I have some big announcements on the first stage of the launch, coming soon! 

You won’t want to miss being a part of this!

As a true-blue VIP here on you’ll receive any major announcements we have regarding The All-In Community. 

Your VIP status here also gives you a chance to be among the first people to access and/or help build the ultimate resource for 21st Century Christians who want to Rock-It-Out for the Kingdom!  

–  Stay Tuned Peeps, this shiz is going to be good –

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