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You're a Rock-Star

You are such a Rock-Star for being here, because that means you want to increase your impact on the world!

And, well, you are in the right place.

Stick with us because you are about to discover your breakthrough.

Sam Baratta has a call of God to nurture the voice, unique-expression and creativity of modern-day Christians by training and empowering them to become world changers.

He does this by helping people just like you discover their unique voice and then helping them grow their reach by becoming published authors, bloggers, vloggers, podcasters, and digital creators.

Sam is bringing his modern-day approach and forward thinking to collide with other Christian thought leader to break the stigmatism of modern-day Christianity.

God is on the move in an exciting new way and a fresh new approach to serving God, humanity and the world at large is here.

Sam has invested years in learning from the biggest and brightest ministers, entrepreneurs, and creative artist on the planet.

Coupling that know-how with his own unique insight from working hands on with Christian originations across America and into Canada, it’s game on!

And, now, he’s dedicated his life to sharing his powerful insight with you.

Sam has a beautiful God-given gift that allows him to see people, places, and things at their greatest potential, long before they ever reach it. 

This gives him powerful insight on how to define, plan, execute and build greatness in others. 

Buckle up and hold on, then take the next step to discovering your true potential by clicking one of the “Work With Sam” buttons on this site.

Street Evangelist
Skill Level 73%
Skill Level 92%
Creative Artist
Skill Level 79%
World Changer
Skill Level 100%

Sam's 1,100 Mile Bike Tour to Fight Homelessness

In the fall of 2017 Sam left Illinois and headed to California to pursue the next phase in his personal calling, and he decided to make the trip count. With no previous experience, he loaded up a bike with some gear and headed out to see what kind of impact he could make for positive change. 1,100 miles later, dozens of lives were impacted for the Glory of God. Here are a few of the faces touched along this epic bike journey. Sam counts this as the first step to returning to traveling as a minister in over 15 years, and his first solo mission, ever. We have already received word that more trips will be planned for the future, and so we can’t wait to see what God has in store. 

Why I Want to Help People

My purpose is to give a helping hand to others who want to serve God.

My gifts, calling, and purpose are not mine, they are His.

My gifts are His gifts that he has entrusted me with them.

My calling is His calling that He has also entrusted me with.

My purpose is not even my purpose, it’s His through me.

I am nothing without Him moving in and to and through me.

In Him, I am an unstoppable Bad-Ass Warrior ready to take on the world!

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